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J. William Lindsey, MD
University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group
University of Texas-Houston
6431 Fannin, Ste. 7.044
Houston, TX


I am a neurologist who specializes in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases.  Since 1993, I have been a part of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Group at the University of Texas--Houston.  The group was headed by Dr. Jerry Wolinsky until his retirement in 2016.  I am currently the chief for the division.  

I set up this website for two main purposes.  The first purpose is to serve as an information resource about multiple sclerosis for my patients and anyone else who is interested.  There is a lot of information available on the internet, and not all of it is good.  I will do my best to present an informed, balanced, up-to-date, and unbiased view regarding different questions about MS.  I will also try to avoid using technical and medical terms which most people don't understand.  My intention is to update the site regularly as new information, treatments, and research results are presented.  The most recent results should be at the top of the navigation bar.  Many of the pages in the existing website are news and updates from the medical meetings I attend covering the most recent progress in MS research. 

The second purpose of this site is to serve as an information resource regarding our clinic.  This will cover mundane but important details such as how to get in touch with us for apppointments, prescription refills, etc.   

This site is intended for people with no specialized medical or scientific background.  All content is written by me, and the opinions here are my own.   

Contact information to suggest different topics to discuss, ask questions about new treatments, point out things which are confusing or incorrect, or suggest other websites to link to is included on the contacts page.  Please use the clinic contact information for any questions about your medical care.  

Our group also has a website on the University of Texas-Houston which we are maintaining and keeping current.  The link for that is https://med.uth.edu/neurology/specialty-programs/multiple-sclerosis/.  You can also find it by going to the main UT Health website and searching for multiple sclerosis.  

This website was started in 2007, and I am adding pages as new information becomes available.  The latest information will be in the pages listed at the top of the navigation bar.  The last update was May 12, 2020.

J. William Lindsey, MD
University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group
Houston, Texas

copyright 2007-2020 John William Lindsey