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To get in touch regarding this website:

You can use the email address below to send questions relevant to this website, such as suggestions for new topics to cover, questions about treatments, things that are confusing or inaccurate, or suggestions for other sites to link to.  Email: john.w.lindsey@uth.tmc.edu

If you are one of my patients with a question about a medical problem:

Call Linda Taylor at 832-325-7082 and she will get the message to me.  This is the most reliable way to reach me.  Linda knows where I am and knows who is covering for me if I am out of town.  If Linda is gone, then someone else at clinic takes over for her.  We also have a nurse, Scarlett Gunabe, who manages most of the medication problems.  Her phone number is 832-325-7085.  Alternate ways to contact me are my work email which is john.w.lindsey@uth.tmc.edu.  I check it daily, but if I am out of town or out at the county hospital, the message will sit there until I get back.  A prompt response to patient calls is important, and we have done pretty well recently on taking care of things in a timely manner.  if you don't get a response in a reasonable amount of time, I definitely want to hear about it.   

To schedule a clinic appointment:

Appointments line 832-325-7080
If no response, call Linda Taylor at 832-325-7082

If you are a physician wishing to contact me:
For urgent issues, call Linda Taylor at 832-325-7082 and ask her to page me. 
For non-urgent issues you can leave a message with Linda.

Thank you for visiting our web site!

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University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group
Houston, Texas

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