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Here are links to some useful web sites...

Other sources for information about MS

Dr. Wolinsky and I write the chapter on demyelinating diseases (mainly MS) for the textbook ACP Medicine.  This textbook is put on the web by MedScape.  Access to the text is free, but you have to register with them first.  If you want to see figures and tables, you have to subscribe.  This is written as a reference for practicing physicians, so it is pretty detailed and uses a lot of medical terminology. 

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, main office in New York, is a good source of information on all aspects of MS.  They devote their resources to education, advocacy, and research on MS.  Recent developments are usually posted on their website shortly after being announced.  They have material written for both patients and physicians.  They are the oldest MS patient organization, and the one that I know the most about.  They fund much of the basic research in MS, and have funded several of my research projects over the years. 

The National MS Society has a local chapter covering the eastern half of Texas which provides programs including education, support groups, fund-raising, and patient assistance programs.  I am on their advisory board, along with most of the other area neurologists with an interest in MS. 

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is a non-profit group providing education and services.  I don't know much about them since I haven't worked with them much.  One service we have used is their program for obtaining MRI scans for people with MS who don't have the resources to pay for them.  

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a non-profit group providing support and education services.  I have had very little contact with them.  Their website puts a lot of emphasis on alternative and complementary treatments, but seems pretty accurate.  


University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group
The University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group currently has 4 physicians who specialize in MS.  We have several clinical trials in progress, and also do a lot of basic research.  Information about us is buried in the University of Texas--Houston website, is hard to find, and doesn't get updated as often as it should.  This link is our main page, and has links to brief bios of the group members, the most recent newsletter, and some information on our current clinical studies. 
This link is a two page information sheet about the group put together for the Neuroscience Institute which Memorial-Hermann is setting up.
Other Links

If you have a link you think readers of this website would be interested in, feel free to send it to me. 


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University of Texas Multiple Sclerosis Research Group
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